by David G Dwinell – a transportation broker since 1981

Transportation brokering!
What is real brokering information
and what is truck stop blather ?
Want a definitive answer ?

Mr Dwinell has owned and operated several trucking

and brokering company’s. He now trains others in

the art of brokering. He has authored definitive

TEXT BOOKS on transportation brokering. He has

taught over 19,000 trucking entrepreneurs with his

nationwide classes, seminars and webinars

from freight broker training school

According to David Its amazing to me how many

people believe brokering and trucking are the

same thing. Under the NEW LAW “MAP 21”, truck

brokering, the kind of brokering everyone was used

to, is outlawed as of 12/2013, The only

transportation brokering permitted today is

Licensed and Bonded brokering license 49 CFR 370 et al.

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