TRUCKALOCITY.COM (MC 360363) operates as a broker bank for a network of Agents and their books of business throughout North America, providing collection/disbursement services to the Agents production. Agents may not have a License and Bond of their own to operate on Truckalocity License and Bond and established goodwill with motor carriers. If you attend our freight broker training classes at you will get the experience of working on REAL LOADS, deal with Real Shippers and Carriers more than just a lecture – NO FAKE BROKERING! is a licensed and bonded property broker who extends Agency to those who are trained and attain an academic level of achievement as a MASTER BROKER®. has no shipping clients of their own, but merely provides the banking services to all of the participating Agents and their books of business. is not a “predator” broker in that they are the broker who captures the shipper relationship of the Agents production. In that process all motor carriers throughout the network look to Truckalocity for credit and provide services because of their outstanding reputation for on time payment of motor carrier freight bills.