Thank You Mr. David Dwinell

Mr. David Dwinell,

I have learned more from your home study guides than I have learned in 23 years of being an owner operator. For 23 years I have stumbled through owning a trucking company and making vary costly mistakes. In this industry everything is a secret. No one will give you information because you are competition. If I would have known half the information that I have learned, from David Dwinell school of Load training, I would have been 100% more successful.

Now that I have attended Load Training’s 5 day hands on school. I can now say for the first time that I am prepare to go into the market and be a player. The information that I have learn is invaluable.

Thank You Mr. David Dwinell , you and your staff where great. It was an honor to attend your School.

Darcy Currier
Shooting Star Trucking
Call To Haul Logistics
August 2010